Magic –

Magic –

Types of Magic:

The magic we cannot comprehend:                                                                                                   How airplanes fly, how the internet works or how magicians do their tricks. These time of Magic creates different emotions; sometimes happiness, sometimes worries, but most of the time curiosity.

The Magic that creates a Magical feeling:                                                                                     Like the amazing feeling fireworks create on most people,  how magical bubbles are for children or when we fall in love. These types of Magic are my favorite because they always create HAPPINESS.

I wish we never lose the way we see things as kids.

When we’re experiencing Magical Feelings, our whole world stops and it’s perfect and we always wish these moments last longer. Can you imagine if we seek those moments more often?

As grown-ups, with our busy lives, we tend to set aside and not acknowledge what creates magical feelings in ourselves and throughout our connections.

It’s my belief that we should find the things that will create Magical feelings for us and our close ones to keep relationships strong.


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