Accessories always change the game!

Accessories always change the game!

Whether your fashion style is Classic, Chic, Glam or Cool; accessories play a huge role to help you get the look you want and what you want to communicate.

Accessories are the sassiness to your outfits,  so; pay attention when choosing them. They can make or break your outfit.

Nowadays, with the help of designers and technology is much easier to find ideas on how to wear accessories in a different way.

My 5 reasons we MUST have Accessories:

1. Accessories can always change the game:   

Selecting the right accessories can change an outfit to fit the occasion.  I have gone to work, then to a cocktail party using the same outfit and only changing my shoes, purse, and jewelry.

2. Accessories definitely set your Fashion: 

If you are like me and you have more than one fashion style and love to dress differently every day;  you can always rely on them to make it happen.

3. You can create your authentic look: 

As women, we are very unique; and following the trend sometimes is not where we fit in. Make your own Fashion statement!

4. Accessories can help you save money: 

Most of the accessories are inexpensive comparing to clothing; I have worn the same black dresses for different occasions, just by adding/changing the accessories only.     

5. Accessories make you happy:

Especially on those frustrating days when we can’t find anything to wear. They are definitely fun to play with.

Accessories give us endless opportunities to create outfits.  Accessories can be chosen at the beginning of your transformation or at the end. It is up to you when you would like to start the fun.

Is Chocolate a MUST  HAVE  accessory?…I think so!

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